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Artificial Intelligence: Optimize ICD-10 Transactions


The Product

  The product is the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the medical billing process.  Basically, the process is that when you visit a doctor, or hospital, a code (ICD-10) is assigned to whatever procedure the medical person provides.  Usually the code is entered into your health record and then the billing department takes the code and submits a bill to the insurance company.  The medical provider receives an agreed upon amount of money based on the code. The code structure is complex in that it can be judgmental as to which code is assigned to a procedure as well as that there are sub codes as well.   

  • Assignment of the code
  • Workflow in processing the code from code entry to submission of the invoice, and receiving payment.
  • Application of billing and payment rules, discounts 


Documented Benefits include:

  • -Increase  in revenue
  • - Remove over/under coding
  • - Increase ICD-10 Operational Efficiency
  • -Decrease Transnational Errors
  • - Decrease Transaction Rework and Rework
  • -Optimal ICD-10 Code Processing
  • - Increase Code Entry to Payment Received Cycle

ICD-10 Artificial Intelligence APP

M3: Icd-10 AI Introduction

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