AI: ICD-10 Optimization

Powered by the M3-Systems AI algorithm, ICD -10 transactional tracking software is a revolutionary solution that tracks ICD-10 transaction codes through routes and collects data by ICD-10 KPI. It can connect to your existing electronic health records, billing, admin, and financial systems.

This product an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for healthcare organizations, designed to be an AI application for patient management.
Basically, the process is that when you visit a doctor, or hospital, a code (ICD-10) is assigned to whatever procedure the medical service
provider performs. Usually the code is entered into your health record via the EHR software and then the billing department takes the code and submits a bill to the insurance company. The medical provider receives an agreed upon amount of money based on the code. The code structure for this AI solution for healthcare organizations is complex in that it can be judgmental as to which code is assigned to a procedure as well as that there are sub codes as well.

M3 Systems AI App: Optimize ICD-10 Transactions

AI:ICD-10 Optimization

Insufficient medical records documentation and incorrect coding can lead to improper payments that cost the healthcare industry billions of dollars every year. We’ve got a proven technology to solve this problem. Introducing AI:ICD-10 Optimization that optimizes the process from ICD-10 code selection to payment.

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Our AI:ICD-10-powered solution utilizes an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm and collects historical activities for continual improvement on the algorithm. It can easily integrate into your existing electronic health records, billing, admin, and financial systems. We have an experienced management team to oversee the proper implementation of the technology.

Documented Benefits

  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • 100% Accuracy in Processing
  • 0% Rework in Billing
  • 100% Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Savings
  • 70% Improvement in Employee Productivity
  • 73% Reduction in Operational Costs
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