The internet is a maze of information, and you can easily fall into the labyrinth of misinformation and fake medical news. The algorithms can further manipulate your search results and have you interpret reality in a certain way. It won’t be long before you get trapped in a web of inadequate information—and we’re sure that you have in the past.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t trust Google with your health.

It’s a Nightmare for Hypochondriacs

Do you think that every sneeze is a sign that you’ve got pneumonia? If that’s the case, you shouldn’t search the web for health issues. Google values sensational news over scientific evidence, and it’ll have you thinking that your regular headache is caused by a brain tumor, mumps, or hypoparathyroidism. We’re sure that you don’t know what hypoparathyroidism is, but it sounds terrifying.

You Wouldn’t Know the Reliability of a Website.

If you’re turning to Google to find out what’s wrong with you, you must make sure that you consult reliable websites only. Many websites look very professional, but their content is anything but reliable. Just like you wouldn’t trust Bing with your health, you should steer clear of any websites that don’t cite their sources properly.

You Could Freak Out

The internet offers a plethora of contradictions rolled in an argument and topped with conflicting ideas. There’s a lot of information, and it’s hard to identify the truth from false. If you’re feeling sick, it’s not hard for you to find yourself in a rabbit hole of unqualified opinions, exaggerations, and alarmist advice that can induce throngs of anxiety.

You Can Misdiagnose Your Issue

You type your symptoms into a few symptom checkers and get the same result. You read more about the disease and convince yourself that what you read is true. Before getting professional help, you’ll be going around telling everyone that you have a failing kidney based on what? A ten-minute-long web search!

You Can Delay Getting Professional Help

Searching for symptoms can tell you what’s wrong with you. When you think that you know the issue, you can delay seeking professional help, thinking that you can manage. While it may be fine sometimes, most of the time, it’s vital that you seek professional medical help urgently to avoid dire consequences.

Enlighten With AI

Medicine isn’t guesswork. Its science, and the scientific evidence isn’t favored by Google’s algorithms. Thanks to technological innovation, AI is studying thousands of medical research papers and books to provide patients with accurate answers. The AI-based medical solutions provide evidence-based solutions where patients describe their symptoms to symptom checkers, and AI systems provide health assessments along with options on what to do next.

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