The widespread adoption of digital and AI-driven technologies was an inevitability when you consider the current trend of healthcare consumerism and the need to improve upon and streamline overall healthcare practices. By increasing emphasis on the quality of care provided in hospitals and healthcare facilities, clinical coding has become one of the primary areas of focus when it comes to technological transformation.

That said, leveraging technology to enhance a coding framework requires an effective classification standard that’s designed to map different health conditions to their corresponding categories in order to improve management.

Enter the Internal Classification of Diseases (ICD). It’s tenth revision, ICD-10, is the version currently used in the healthcare industry. We’ve dedicated this piece to a discussion on the impact of ICD-10 on the workflow of clinical coding.

Understanding How AI Tech Addresses ICD-10-Related Challenges

While ICD-10 may have its benefits, it certainly comes with its own set of challenges. Not least of which is transitioning from a previous version to the new one. Hospitals and healthcare facilities will need qualified and skilled coders to facilitate the process. However, they will also need proper computer assisted coding software to streamline the process.

Leveraging a proper AI-enabled solution allows coders to simplify the process of managing workflows significantly. A comprehensive CAC solution enables organizations to unify all patient and clinical data under one enterprise CAC platform. This makes the transition process a lot simpler because minimal disruption and optimization is critical.

By using CAC software, coders can make quicker and better-informed decisions that maximize the use of ICD-10’s capabilities. Furthermore, they’re better able to address its challenges in a way that synchronizes all departments involved in the clinical documentation framework. By using a cloud-based CAC solution, you can track organizational metrics and coding visibility in real-time. This enables hospitals and healthcare facilities to develop a completely integrated, secure, and versatile system that allows quick and easy access to medical coding workflows seamlessly.

Use AI to Combat Incorrect Coding

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